Identifying the Pain Point in your Startup

If you are a startup founder or being around the startup community, you must have heard of the term 'pain point'. But what exactly is a pain point and how do you go about identifying one? You've got an idea - either because you're trying to solve a problem for yourself or because you've heard other people and what they think they need or want fixed. When this happens, the important question to ask yourself is: "What is this pain point I am trying to solve?", and most importantly, "Is this really a pain point that I need solved right…

Technology trends: Mobile apps set to double by 2020

Market researcher App Annie has predicted the app economy with mobile apps could double to $101 billion by 2020, making quality app developers high sought after resources. Image credit: App Annie The story featured in VentureBeat, the leading source for news on technology innovation suggests, "the growth will be driven by increasing usage of apps and by greater smartphone adoption around the globe." Read the full article here. Header image credit: Mobile App Daily