DayNinja – Productivity Coach

This is one of our own at Envisage Apps. We are so passionate about mastering focus and increasing productivity during our working day that we built the free-to-download DayNinja iPhone app. Inspired by the Pomodoro Technique, one of the most popular time management methods to date, DayNinja prompts you to name and prioritise tasks for the day, creates a calendar and uses a timer to break up the workday into 25-minute long work blocks followed by a 5-minute break. Soon to be released, an AI chatbot aka Master Ninja  becomes your productivity coach to encourage and teach you along the way.



In a nutshell, this free app can help you:

– Stay focused and find your flow from the start of the day
– Stay in control and block interruptions
– Deliver outstanding productivity
– Stop working to your ‘inbox’
– Feel the reward of slashing through tasks
– Free up time to do what you want to do