Technology trends: Mobile apps set to double by 2020

Market researcher App Annie has predicted the app economy with mobile apps could double to $101 billion by 2020, making quality app developers high sought after resources. Image credit: App Annie The story featured in VentureBeat, the leading source for news on technology innovation suggests, "the growth will be driven by increasing usage of apps and by greater smartphone adoption around the globe." Read the full article here. Header image credit: Mobile App Daily

Why we don’t usually sign NDAs? And you shouldn’t worry about it

Client: "Hi, I would like a quote to get an app developed." Envisage apps: "Sure thing. Please tell me what you have in mind?" Client: "Do you sign non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements? You see, I would like to be able to talk freely about my app to ensure my idea is safe. Otherwise, how do I know you won't steal my idea?" Does this sound familiar to you? It certainly does to us. Well, here is the deal: There is not much new under the sun, and your idea may not be as novel as you think. Over the years we have…