“Time for Coda” is a no-code app for measuring and boosting productivity.  Designed for founders and peak performing creatives.

It’s not every day you wake up to see your work being judged by the legendary entrepreneur and investor Reid Hoffman 😬.
Reid Hoffman is the creator and founder of LinkedIn. Well known for his work at Graylock ventures and Microsoft.

Nathan, (founder of Envisage) woke to a message from a colleague who’d taken this happy snap at 4am in the morning when he happened to be a zoom call to see his project ‘Time to Coda’ being judged for an AI at Work Award.

Time to Coda was a small project developed for Coda who sought out top developers and teams around the world to fill out it’s new gallery of no-code templates that utilized their new Beta AI features.

Scroll down to the footer and you’ll see a list of our many awards ranging from apps, AI chat bots, fintech to blockchain.

Nathan is our founder and software architect. He and the team often compete in hackathons, present projects at industry and pitching events more often than not taking out the odd prize.

No-code app development

No-code , low-code App tools are great!  We’re fans of:

  • Notion
  • Coda AI
  • Airtable
  • Bubble et el…

No code app development has it’s place.  We love these tools for:

  • Rapid MVP prototyping, iteration and market testing
  • Low startup costs to proof-of-concept (POC)

However, no-code platforms have their limitations:

  • Frequent time-outs
  • Poor mobile UX
  • Slow to load and update
  • High running costs.

We encourage anyone who has built a no code app to take their no code solution as far as they can in refining the market, data-model and user experience.  Once you’ve proven the app, we’re happy to help you by converting your no code developed app into a native app.