Compare the Market fuel app – Simples Fuel

This fuel app is "Powered by meerkats; fuelled by savings".  Compare the Market Australia has made its debut in the mobile app space with Simples Fuel app and featured as 1 out of 5  best fuel apps to help Australians save at the pump. Simples Fuel is totally free and is designed to help users not only track cheap petrol and save money but also access exclusive offers and comparison quotes on a huge range of products. Download the Simples Fuel app now on your preferred mobile phone device. For iPhone users go to the  App Store and for Android visit…

DayNinja – Focus Booster

DayNinja is a productivity timer app created by our own Nathan Challen and his passionate determination to get more work done in less time. In other words, the idea is to work smarter by taking advantage of our natural ultradian rhythm. Inspired by the Pomodoro Technique, one of the most popular time management methods to date, DayNinja is a new generation focus timer that prompts you to name and prioritise tasks for the day, creates a calendar and uses a timer to break up the workday into 25-minute long work blocks followed by a 5-minute break. Use DayNinja to: -…

Stroud Pulse

Stroud Pulse is being specifically designed for Stroud Homes franchisees to help them better run their construction franchise. Stroud Homes commissioned Envisage Apps to build a mobile application equiped with the best tools for franchisees to directly measure their business anywhere; anytime. The Stroud business apps allows businesses to: Measure instant P&L for every build at anytime. Monitor leads. Get instant customer feedback. Enable instant communication across multiple media. Stroud Pulse is available on iOS devices and also Android mobile phones.

Hello Mojo

Hello Mojo is the essential breakup, separation and divorce documenting app to keep a record of every important detail and help protect your legal rights, your children and your money. Founder Annie Kendall had a clear vision of building an empowering gateway to help people move through and beyond divorce with greater peace of mind, securing their best possible outcome and a new life they love. Some features of the Hello Mojo app include: Guided checklist to upload all personal, marital and financial information needed to accurately present your case at anytime on the journey. Capture, organise and store legal…


SwapCerts is a free app that addresses the problem of expiring trade certificates, insurance and critical registrations by reducing paperwork and risk in the construction industry. Watch how it works: Available from the App Store and Google Play.