The App Concept Canvas

Most startups will be familiar with the infamous Business Model Canvas, a strategic management and lean startup template for planning business models. If you haven’t yet heard, the BMC is a great tool and worth spending the time to work through.

Needing a solution specific to app development, the Envisage Apps team re-invented the BMC just for apps to create the App Concept Canvas.  This re-designed template poses the questions most relevant to apps at the concept stage. With this canvas you will clarify areas that will help better communicate your idea, and consider aspects relating to marketing and customer acquisition.

Find out how we used the App Concept Canvas for one of our own apps, DayNinja. Download your free copy now – then let’s talk.

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Nathan Challen

Nathan Challen

technology - director

Gold Coast and Brisbane entrepreneur of over 16 years, with a strong passion for innovation, technology and quality software architecture. Nathan brings insight to your startup or business.

Jacob Turner

Jacob Turner


Exceptional eye for quality, user experience design and app marketability. When it comes to designing an app that drives retention, engagement and revenue, Jacob is your man.

Britney Marsden

Britney Marsden


User interface design, branding and graphic design expert. Britney monitors all the latest design trends impacting apps and creates inspired designs to ensure your app is fun, engaging - even addictive.

Marisol Canullo

Marisol Canullo


A natural at thinking critically and strategically, Marisol manages the digital marketing activities of Envisage as well as overseeing the launch strategies of our startup clients.

Our principles

  • We only accept projects where we know we bring the most value to you
  • Beautiful design, the form is as important as function
  • The best apps are simple, elegant and single purpose
  • Every app is unique. There are no preconceptions.
  • Our specialisation and focus on apps gives you the edge.

They say

Disrupt or be disrupted.

We accelerate app innovation.

Our creative process


Your app idea. Your vision. Our shared success. At your free consultation we work with you to understand the app idea for your business or startup, business goals, time frame and budget. We offer honest advice and insight to set you on the path to success. We are excited - this is the beginning of our long-term relationship with you.


Crunch time. What are your goals? Where do you want to go? How are we going to help you get there? We brainstorm with you and help spark creative thinking. By defining and refining ideas we stretch you to explore innovative solutions, meet your business needs and get you real results.


Successful app designs = engaged users. The right user experience increases retention, engagement and revenue. A simple, yet smart design that drives users to interact with your app. Our expert UI/UX designers combine their craft and psychology to ensure your customers are hooked to your app. Don't like something? You can make tweaks before we start building.


Do you need a custom, native iOS, Android or Windows app? We built it - and we built it right. Experience, innovation and determination are our strengths. Your app is developed by our highly skilled development team. Years of architecture expertise, engineering know-how, advanced tools and development languages enable us to fluently develop code specific for your app requirements.


Champagne time! Your app has passed testing, is highly optimised and the user experience perfected. You've been involved in the entire process and as appreneurs, we share this excitement with you. You are now part of our happy clients and success stories to share. Our awesome apps have awards under their belts, improved business revenue, helped raise capital and launched startups to fame. That's success, right?


Metrics matter. The right analytics platform gives you powerful insights into the performance of your app so you can start making decisions. Are users behaving as expected? How can you increase engagement? Our mobile app analytics service integrates the necessary tools to measure results and obtain actionable data.

Can we help you

develop your app?

  • Photo capture & sharing
  • Marketplaces
  • Geo location, Geo spatial
  • Travel & tourism apps
  • Utilities
  • Productivity tools
  • Health & fitness
  • Messaging & social networks
  • Push notifications
  • Social platform integration
  • Mobile commerce
  • In app payments

We do not develop games