This month the team at Envisage Apps was interviewed by Sarah Blinco from Get it magazine, after one of their own mobile apps goStandby, received an impressive top 7 in the Anthill Smart 100 innovative companies awards. Their travel app became popular within the media circles after winning Startup Weekend Gold Coast last July.

Read the full article below by clicking to jump to page 30 in Get it Magazine.


What’s your view of the future when it comes to app technology – will apps become more and more ingrained in society, do you think?

“The beauty of Apps is in their simplicity.  They generally solve a single, simple problem for the user but do it really well. What makes the best Apps remarkable is how they seamlessly integrate technology into our daily lives.  The turning point for the mass appeal of Apps was when smartphones became aware of our surroundings and linking our physical world into the connected online world.   Geo location awareness, the camera, maps, scanning, integration with social networks technology are just a few examples of how we integrate the traveler through the goStandby App.  The next wave for Apps is potentially around sensor and beacon technology where we further integrate with our environments such as our homes, shopping centres, streets, car and airports.  We are already experiencing that wave and the next will be around our interaction with devices, a smartwatch, google glass, mind reading…only the future will tell?  How we interact with Apps and further extending the connections into the cloud IS the future”, said Nathan Challen.