Last week I attended Myriad, a three day technology and innovation festival in Brisbane. According to their site, some of the highlights of this event were:

* 50+ local and international speakers
* Next generation technology & Interactive experiences
* Workshops & Fireside chats
* Global Investment and insights
* Powerful and inspiring stories
* Connections
* Investor matchmaking
* Sweet, sweet Queensland sunshine.

It sounds great, right? However, personally the biggest highlight was the alluring atmosphere where community members, local & international speakers and investors gathered together to discuss inspiration, innovation and impact through a common theme: the use of technology.

Keen to find out what exactly went on? This 3 min A to Z of Myriad’s Medium read by Angela Castles is guaranteed to entice you #Myriad2017. And keep an eye out for the 2018 tour; it will surely attract the crowds and capture the attention of the international startup community (with or without the Queensland tropical storms).