Content and timing are key components when mapping your customer journey. In order to successfully engage your customers and drive user conversion and retention, you need to get the right offer at the right time. How can you best achieve this? One way is by using user cohorts to power messages and in-app optimisation.

Today’s consumers want to get exactly what they want, instantly and effortlessly. This is having a profound impact on the world of marketing and the customer journey as people increasingly expect brands to anticipate and deliver on their needs. A recent survey revealed that while 89% of organisations claim that customer experience (CX), underpinned by digital transformation, is critical to their survival and a top strategic priority, 51% of respondents are failing to act. Customer Journey Mapping is an effective marketing tool to help companies identify how to better serve and interact with their customers. It provides a fact-based, documented look at how customers interact with your app/website and a better idea of customer expectations. So while customer journey mapping is key to knowing your customers and their needs, to be truly successful it requires accurate, validated data plus a solid strategy.

This upcoming live webinar will teach you how to “Better Strategize Your Customer Journey” so you can achieve better outcomes. Presented by Airship, Apptimize and Mixpanel you will learn how to:

    • Monitor key customer journey metrics and create better experiences with improved data collection
    • Identify cohorts of customers by the way they are interacting with your app or website
    • Send tailored messages/offers to the cohorts and measure impact
    • Use A/B testing to optimise your customer journey



17 September 2020

Webinar time: 

12:30pm Bangalore / Delhi / Mumbai

2:00pm Bangkok / Jakarta

3:00pm Hong Kong / Manila / Singapore / Taipei

4:00pm Seoul / Tokyo

5:00pm Sydney

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Photo credit: Michael Henning.