Many people confuse chatbots with the little windows that pop-up, like the one on this page. Contrary to popular belief, intelligent customer service chatbots that are based on artificial intelligence technology (AI) are capable of doing this and so much more. Instead of browsing a website, calling or emailing intelligent chatbots engage in conversations with your customers directly, mirroring the experience of a real person but in a more instant, accurate and reliable way.

Benefits of integrating AI into Customer Service

A conversational chatbot understands your customers, integrates with your existing database and handles your most common customer service requests. As explained in the following diagram:

AI Conversational bots
An AI chatbot helps you radically improve customer service by providing richer user experience whilst increasing operational efficiency.  To find out more, get in touch with the Envisage Apps team by clicking here or call us on 1300 368 007.