The Queensland Government together with Advance Queensland have recently announced QiHub, a free to join online community for startups to help foster innovation in Queensland. The $755 million government initiative brings together the rapidly growing Queensland startup ecosystem by providing a dedicated platform for entrepreneurs to connect remotely during Covid-19. 

QiHub – the Queensland Innovation Hub, is the first of its kind entrepreneur-led community in Queensland. The platform offers a digital space to discover, meet, connect, share and collaborate with other entrepreneurs in the state. The idea was conceived by the Advance Queensland innovation team alongside the Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur.

“No matter what stage of the entrepreneurial journey you are on, from idea to scale up, QiHub is your space to share a win, find a new collaboration or funding opportunity, see what events are coming up, and even post or find jobs. It’s really exciting to see hundreds of profiles already up and running – the more we connect, the better the platform works, so what are you waiting for? See you on QiHub!” says Dr Sarah Pearson, Queensland’s Deputy Director-General of Innovation.

For more information, visit QiHub at

What can you expect from QiHub?


  • Quality Connections: All startups who sign up are curated by the team at Advance Queensland.
  • Exposure: Get noticed by the diverse ecosystem and also the government.
  • Network Online: Connect with like-minded founders, mentors and investors.
  • Stay Informed: Discover events, programs, grants and investments opportunities.
  • Find Talent: Advertise jobs to a ready and engaged audience.
  • Get Help: Connect with other innovative Queensland businesses and startups to help solve problems.
  • No Cost: QiHub has no joining or ongoing fees.

Do you have a startup? Join QiHub here